Friday, March 20, 2009

Blog Statement

GSD:ecologicalurbanism is an online platform created by students at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) students to accompany the Ecological Urbanism conference and exhibition that will take place in April.

The platform is meant to document, react, criticize and debate the panels and discussions that will occur during the conference. Elaborating and reflecting on the issues raised at the event, students from the various departments will use GSD:ecologicalurbanism as an informal platform for building their agenda towards ecological urbanism: what is it now and what it might turn out to be.

While the platform is aimed to enhance the content presented at the conference, it is also conceived as a place for informal and peripheral content building that will complement processes of formal documentation. GSD:ecologicalurbanism will be fed by contributors in the weeks before, during, and after the conference and open to comments.

The Blogging team:

Matthew Allen, MArch I
Ilana Cohen, MLA
Yonatan Cohen, MAUD
Dan Handel, MArch II
Zakcq Lockrem, MUP
Quilian Riano, MArch I AP

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