Sunday, April 5, 2009


I was just talking to a Leslie, a California-based landscape architect visiting for the conference, about my thesis when REDUNDANCY came up. She was saying that since I can never be 100% sure of how water flows and other ecologies will work, I need to build in redundant systems to make sure it works.

I liked that idea a lot because redundancy is another 'humble' design tactic. It makes us accept that we cannot control it all, we can just try to mediate it. I like it because in systems that are predetermined and completely engineered there is little to no room for design. Redundancy allows design to come in and mediate indeterminacy.

In short redundancy can make sure that ecological urbanism is not about top-down efficiency.


  1. do you think that idea applies to all sorts of urban systems, or only the ecological infrastructure?

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